Talk about the development of rotary table machine industry equipment

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rotary table machine

1. Develop numerical control system. The development of numerical control system for CNC lathe machining is the key to the development of numerical control technology and rotary table machine. The development of electronic components and computer technology has promoted the development of numerical control systems. Early digital control systems used vacuum tube devices, later transistors and printed circuit boards, and in the late 1960s began using small integrated circuit devices. These are called hard wire numerical control systems. Since the 1970s, with the development of computer technology, there have been computer numerical control systems (CNC) with microcomputers and microprocessors as the core. Now, it is widely adopted and has an advantage

(1) The processor of the CNC system of CNC lathe processing equipment. The processor (CPU) of the numerical control system has increased from 8-bit word length to 16 or 32 bits, the clock frequency has increased from 2MHz to 16MHz, 20MHz or 32MHz, and recently added a 64-bit Cpu has appeared, and the RSC is used as the CPU, which further improves the computing speed. In addition, the application of large-scale, ultra-large scale integrated circuits and multiple microprocessors makes the hardware structure of the numerical control system standardized, modular and universal, so that the numerical control function can be combined and expanded according to the need.

(2) The CNC system is equipped with a variety of remote control and intelligent interfaces. RS-232C serial interface, RS-422 high-speed long distance serial interface and DNC interface and other interfaces. The numerical control system equipped with DNC interface can realize data communication between multiple rotary table machines, and can also directly control multiple rotary table machines. In addition, industrial control networks such as MAP or Ethernet are used in CNC systems to create conditions and CMS for rotary table machines of different types and manufacturers to be networked and for rotary table machines to enter manufacturing systems such as FMS.

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(3) The numerical control system has good operating performance. A good man-machine interface is established in the numerical control system. Generally, thin film keys are used to reduce the number of indicators and keys. Extensive use of menu choices; Color CRT display, not only can display text, flat graphics, but also can display three-dimensional dynamic three-dimensional graphics, making the operation more and more simple. CNC lathe price is also more suitable.

(4) Greatly improve the reliability of the numerical control system. The numerical control system uses a large number of highly integrated chips, special chips and synthetic integrated circuits to reduce the number of components. The electronic components are surface-mounted (SMT) and high-density 3D installation occurs. Carefully selected components to improve hardware quality, reduce power consumption, and greatly improve the reliability of the system, so that the average time to failure (MTBF) of the CNC system reached 10,000 ~ 36000h.

rotary table machine