FC 24: Excitement Surges as Red Picks Return to FIFA Ultimate Team

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FC 24 players are eagerly anticipating the Team of the Season (TOTS) event, which is set to bring exciting updates to Ultimate Team. EA is expected to introduce TOTS Live and revamp rewards across various modes, sparking high anticipation. The return of the highly sought-after Red Picks, s



Ultimate Team enthusiasts have been treated to a wealth of new content over the past few months, yet an even more significant event is on the horizon for FC 24 players.

Anticipation for Team of the Season

The anticipation is building as the Team of the Season (TOTS) event approaches, and it's predicted that EA will initiate the promotional festivities with TOTS Live. This feature is speculated to become available in packs starting from Friday 19 April at 6 pm BST .

In addition to TOTS Live, EA is poised to refresh the Rewards across various Ultimate Team modes. Excitement is particularly high with the buzz that a beloved feature is set to make a comeback after a long hiatus!

Reward Updates in Ultimate Team

EA Sports has announced through an in-game notification that there will be updates to the rewards in Champions, Squad Battles, and Division Rivals coinciding with the Team of the Season (TOTS) promotion.

This news has heightened the anticipation for the upcoming TOTS event, with the updated rewards set to be a delightful bonus for the players.

The Return of Red Picks


Exciting times are ahead for FIFA Ultimate Team enthusiasts, as the Team of the Season (TOTS) celebration is set to kick off with a bang. Every player has been granted ample Champions Qualification Points, enabling them to participate in the Champions Play-Offs. Success in these Play-Offs could lead to qualification for the Champions Finals, and, more importantly, the opportunity to earn TOTS Red Picks in their rewards. These highly coveted items are rumored to be making a comeback, as confirmed by various credible sources, including the notable @DonkTrading.

Previously, Red Picks served as a prestigious badge of honor within the Ultimate Team community. Players would showcase their exclusive cards in Rivals matches, displaying their achievements for all to see. Despite being removed from the game earlier this year, there's a buzz of anticipation as EA is said to be reinstating these prized Red Picks in alignment with the TOTS event.

The reintroduction of Red Picks is set to enhance the reward system significantly. Players will no longer have to make a tough choice among three Team of the Week (TOTW) players. Instead, if they perform well and win a sufficient number of matches, they can look forward to selecting a guaranteed TOTS player, adding an extra layer of excitement and reward for their competitive efforts.

Champions Finals and TOTS Rewards

Anticipation is building as the Champions Finals event is now rescheduled to commence at 8 pm BST, with an extension of an additional 24 hours. This adjustment is made to accommodate the inclusion of TOTS (Team of the Season) items, aligning with the release of Friday's squad.

The buzz around the potential comeback of Red Picks in Champs has the community talking. We'd love to hear your thoughts on this development, so feel free to share your excitement or opinions in the comment section!

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